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alien with dreads, a face-tattoo and cats, waiting for da spaceship and doing art till then


‘art’ is the spaceship for alien-me personally . while painting i feel home on this planet and i am in harmony, deeply connected to everything .

in the end and from the beginning everything is art .
for real there is never a ’till then’ when the spaceship comes, cause this safe-place, we wish for, is already there .

each of us is stepping out onto this planet surrounded by aliens, feeling like an alien itself .
“with aliens” always was every u and every me, each animal and every plant . without any borders between, without any boundaries or categories that separates us from each other or from nature .

the entire universe is growing inside each of us and we are here to create our own little planets in common with the galaxy .

an alien-safe-place of childish happiness, the worship of cats and pure nature-love, without scare of bats in the night, celebrating the barefoot-dancing forest nights

thats “art with aliens” .