Organic Shirt 'Save your Tears'


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Be a part by getting ur own shirt with a design by me that supports saving the oceans ?

(You are supporting me and my art with 50% of the profit,
20% goes to crying oceans for giving them the possibility to continue their great work,

And 30% donations toward saving our oceans )

It is 100% natural organic cotton in a thick quality.

The packaging is 100% biodegradable, compostable and with no plastic of course ?

Deliverable in 2-3 working days

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Actually, i like cats most of all. But the beauty of all animals on land would be nothing without the biodiversity in the water.

I give animals and plants from the oceans and forests a home in my art and to preserve their habitats in nature seems so important to me.

Being aware of our responsibility and existing in deep friendship and solidarity with all living beings in this galaxy is the goal.

We are one and the whole universe is reflected in the depths of the ocean for me.
so happy to be a part.

Additional Information

Material140 gsm Indoorpaper150 gsm Offsetpaper215 gsm Posterpaper250 gsm Artpaper
Paper Weight140 gsm150 gsm215 gsm250 gsm